My Diary: Being An Elastic Man With An Elastic Life

I left the house in abyssal darkness and walked along a path of sea urchins and starfish,‭ ‬counting the number of dimly lighted windows as I did so.‭ ‬The monster and I met‭ (‬both of us in disguise‭) ‬and travelled together,‭ ‬one inside the other,‭ ‬to a small patch of a pretend land.‭ ‬In a multidimensional jump I then climbed out of a Douglas Dakota that had crashed into the centre of a Twenty Fifth Century rain forest.‭ ‬I met the forest king in his thylacine lair and we talked of time as if we had both lost its friendship‭; ‬however on reflection it was probably only an acquaintance.‭ ‬The king and I said our elastic goodbyes and I came home as a deflection from an unknown force‭; ‬letting myself into the Piltdown Man house to find June walking about on stilts and holding a marsupial elephant tooth.

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