My Diary: Watching The Rain Fall On The Sun

June and I climbed down from our balloon top bedroom which we keep in a box of naval mines.‭ ‬I thought the‭ ‬balloon was filled with helium while she thought it was hot air‭ ‬-‭ ‬incidentally the mines were covered in Late Sumerian cuneiform writing and had been franked in Essex.‭ ‬We both landed as porridge‭ (‬June likes extra sugar in hers‭) ‬and then parted as an attractive shade of mauve separating into blue and pink.‭ ‬The blue went to sit in his studio like a bird of prey brought to the edge of extinction by game keepers and the pink learnt how to make microwaveable meals out of scrap metal.‭ ‬The scrap metal was found at the top of the garden along with a small figure holding the directions to Roswell.‭ ‬The afternoon changed into its pyjamas and rest of the day was pampered like an old pet.


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