I am a professional artist living and working in the UK.  I have evolved a highly idiosyncratic approach to creating visual art mixing elements from all the arts and sciences and often using a sequential and developmental structure.  My writing in this context is relatively normal although it does contain the complex narrative strands and reliance on fantasy of my paintings.  If you are interested more information is available at http://www.ionistart.me.uk.


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Your writing gives me imagery, and your paintings give me words. Thanks for the bio. Traveling thru your landscapes, and portraits, seeing June, and Girl With A Ball, and all the other works, complete the tome. A truly stunning and compelling voice of originality. I will visit often, day trips.

  2. You, my dear friend, have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Go check it out on my blog because there are a few things you’ve got to do in order to accept it. 🙂


    • Hi, Thanks ever so much for the nomination. I really appreciate your continued interest.

      You love the Winter and hate the sun! Have you seen the film Twilight!

      I love your Photoblog by the way. I wish I did something like this. These days I just use the Blackberry to take really naff photos which I stick on facebook!

      • You don’t have to thank me, you really do deserve it!!! 😀

        Yes, I’ve seen the film Twilight. *sigh* WORST movie ever. The book was so magical and had so much depth. They killed the passion in the movie. But yeah, I do like the place. Haha. My goal is to move to one of the Scandinavian countries and settle down there.

        And thank you!! I just go around clicking whatever sparks my interest, in reality, I’m actually no good at it. Lol.

  3. Hello there! You’ve been nominated for the Creative Chaos award because of your originality and honesty. Go check it out on my blog so that you know what to do with your nomination. Woohooo!

    • Hi, thank you very much for this, I am very pleased you think of me – I will have to work out some people to nominate. Incidentally, someone should tell the gorilla that smoking is bad for him!

      I loved the fortress idea, sadly it wont work for me – it was frost and fog this morning and gales and heavy rain is forecast for the weekend. Oh to have your climate!

      • Haha. I’m sorry for bombarding you with so many nominations. It’s just that I think your blog is insanely AMAZING!

        Yes, someone SHOULD tell the gorilla that smoking is injurious to his health but I can’t be one to judge, since I do the same. Lol.

        Wanna switch places? I would literally KILL for some cool weather!

      • Thank you!

        Don’t tempt me re swapping places however! We have just had our third cold winter in a row – although to be honest Southern England was the least badly affected part of the UK. Now here’s the irony: we apparently never had enough rain last autumn/winter (only snow!) so the authorities have already declared a drought! Warning: I could go on moaning about the weather indefinitely!

      • I LOVE snow, and I haven’t seen it in almost 7 years now. You have no idea HOW MUCH I miss it.

        And isn’t snow.. Like frozen water? So how’s that a drought??

        Pretty please swap places with me?

      • Sadly I don’t think my wife would agree but it is a nice thought though. Not that she would miss me but someone has to feed all the animals!

        Unfortunately it takes a lot of snow to make a little water. I will have to e-mail you some photos of our garden completely covered.

      • Hahaha. Bring her WITH you! I’ll take really good care of the animals. I PROMISE! Just a temporary switch. Lol.

        Really? I had no idea about that. New fact for the day I guess. And yeah, I’d love to see some pictures!

    • Hi, I am very sorry I still haven’t done anything about the Creative Chaos Award – but I am working on it! I have a lot of writing to do for an exhibition I am organising and I keep putting that off as well – I blame my age! Plus I have got a really naff internet connection at the moment; to get anything at all I have to shake, bang and generally fiddle with the modem and then it only lasts a short time before it goes again.

      Many thanks again for your nomination. I do appreciate it.

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