A Handful Of Exhibition Pictures


8 thoughts on “A Handful Of Exhibition Pictures

  1. Wow, Gerald, congratulations to you on having shown hundreds of your paintings at those galleries and exhibitions!

    I also thought that some of them look to be mixed-media, a domain or style of visual art that I especially like.

      • The 1970s was a highly experimental period for me (actually I started a lot of work but finished very little) working on multifarious multimedia projects. The 1980s was a return to creating 2D pictures but I did continue to experiment with media in the early part of the decade but as a lot of this work deteriorated or dicoloured I have since settled on more traditional media.

      • I could have. One of the techniques I still use is dubious – namely brushing over pencil drawings with acrylic medium to make them more like paintings. I tend to use a relatively thick medium that can run or yellow – mainly through habit!.

      • Thank you for explaining. Granted that there are ongoing hurdles and setbacks, I really do hope that you will find more ways and reasons to return to mixed media, which, at least from (what I can gauge from) your own goals, visions and/or manifestos, are more in keeping with “mixing elements from all the arts and sciences”.

        May I salute you, Gerald!

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