My Diary: The Prologue To The Epilogue

I felt like an almost two dimensional copy of myself as I got up moments after June had forced the front door closed.‭ ‬In some stories I would be folded up and placed in a back pocket but in this one I stepped into the bath like an unused cheque being fed into a cross cut shredder‭ (‬while naked in the water I could hear clothed voices outside‭)‬.‭ ‬The hedge was grinning as I counted the heads progressing along its uneven top,‭ ‬they merged with bodies and I then counted rain drops.‭ ‬The dog and I walked each other between showers and I then settled into my‭ “‬Alas poor Yorick‭” ‬study to write this:‭ ‬however I neither knew him or Richard Tarlton,‭ ‬Horatio‭! ‬I was thinking about designing a jacket with two pairs of arms as a joke when June came in wearing several pairs of trousers at the same time.


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