My Diary: When Dinosaurs Discovered The Earth Was Extinct

I got up a bit earlier today,‭ ‬holding onto a liana that hung down from the sun forest canopy and swinging between the nodes where parallel worlds meet.‭ ‬I had a short spell as President Charlie Chaplin before June emerged from our nuclear submarine bed and told me to pull my trousers up.‭ ‬After this I donned a space suit designed for giant mice,‭ ‬punched the calendar in the face and surreptitiously added an entirely fictitious date‭ ‬As I did so a lady,‭ ‬who I had met a few years ago when she accidentally stroked me instead of the dog,‭ ‬walked past our front door with a small galaxy for a hat‭; ‬I asked if it was one of the Magellanic clouds and she pulled an unplugged electric guitar out of her handbag and fingered a C sharp minor chord.‭ ‬I pretended to listen but there was no sound.


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