My Diary: Dancing In My Werewolf Clothes

I started the day paper thin,‭ ‬adding layers as the morning progressed and the weather worsened.‭ ‬June went out in the pouring rain with shoes on her head and her raincoat in her bag while I stayed at home writing with gale force ink.‭ ‬After a photograph dinner‭ (‬a bush baby eating a grasshopper‭) ‬I noticed that the big black cloud in the loft had started to rain through the ceiling‭; ‬I telephoned the landlord‭ ‬-‭ ‬who was being painted in deck chair stripes in a room studiously modelled on a kangaroo’s pouch‭ ‬-‭ ‬and then telephoned June before she changed into a marsupial cardigan with very long sleeves.‭ ‬When she got home we both entered the placental vampire den with spoons in our mouths‭ (‬hers were silver‭) ‬and then had another photographic meal‭ (‬a grasshopper eating a bush baby‭)‬.


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