My Diary: The Ghost Of A Machine

June and I started the day in black and white before going out for a meal in full colour.‭ ‬In a restaurant of intersecting lines June and I surrounded ourselves with attractively patterned clouds.‭ ‬She thought vertically while I day dreamed in horizontal layers‭ ‬-‭ ‬the night dream archaeologist would later find the footprints of an early hominid in the lowest layer,‭ ‬as well the plastic casing of a transistor radio.‭ ‬As the luminous dust began to settle in the aborted launch pad room I told the waiter that my meal could foresee the future although in reality it could only remember the past.‭ ‬He later showed me a hole in the wall where something had entered the building which has never been found‭; ‬I emptied my pockets when I got home.


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