My Diary: Communicating With Shadows

June and I got up using the emergency chute from the crashed aircraft we had been hiding in.‭ ‬We both ate breakfast like flickering candles and she then combed the hair of the carpet and I put on the leaning tower of Pisa as a hat.‭ ‬We had been invited to sit on someone else’s dinner table and got ready in the hold of a freighter in the North Atlantic.‭ ‬Half way through the imaginary sea journey a man came to the door with flashing lights attached to his evolutionary primitive exoskeleton‭ ‬-‭ ‬I showed him the bulbs on my internal parts but took care not to mention that they wouldn’t shine.‭ ‬We held both hands at once and then collectively looked forward to a robotic saviour as we left the house together‭; ‬me with the slight hesitancy of a window cleaner finding the windows didn’t have any glass in them.


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