My Diary: The Sadness Found In Silence

June and I woke up on a foreign beach in a corner of our bedroom.‭ ‬I had become naked during the night and had begun to evolve gills.‭ ‬June meanwhile dressed in her old clothes but promised to find out a pair of wings for our visit to a pimple of greenery on the nude back of town.‭ ‬Thinking of stretch marks on a Greek goddess I rolled to town inside a clock that had last told the right time before the breakup of Pangaea‭ ‬-‭ ‬I remembered the moment exactly.‭ ‬June had to stand two dining chairs on top of each other so she could cook on the ceiling.‭ ‬She spend almost the whole day looking down on food‭; ‬I had said I would look up to her but had forgotten to bring my glasses‭; ‬wearing instead a map of the dark side of the moon‭ (‬which I read with a torch‭)‬.


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