My Diary: Trapped In A Square I Drew Myself

I got up too early and waved to a recumbent June from a hill on the opposite side of the valley.‭ ‬I almost immediately split into three parts‭ (‬one of which was considerably smaller but older than the others‭ ‬-‭ ‬I christened it Denis Ovan‭) ‬and we touched fingers even if we couldn’t touch hands.‭ ‬The three of us then picked up two bags of shopping from the single limb of a car park attendant mannequin and took the rope bridge mental route home‭; ‬seaweed still attached to our heads after an evolutionary short period in the ocean interbreeding with dolphins.‭ ‬When I got in June was rapidly dividing like a protozoan Buddha and spoke to me in Pali and to the postman‭ (‬who delivered a herd of Indian elephants‭) ‬in an obscure language she had found at the bottom of a box of pre-breakfast cereal.


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