My Diary: On Meeting The Person Who Swallowed A Train

I went out as the black woolly jumper of the family,‭ ‬travelling at a tree sloth pace through an old person’s back garden and a young person’s front.‭ ‬I made a friend out of a naked mole rat and we exchanged our worst fears several hundred feet below ground level.‭ ‬Once I had reached daylight I crept up on a coffee shop‭ (‬and ordered tea‭) ‬and then flung myself home through a forest of fraying wires and the stuffing destined for a triple bed mattress.‭ ‬I was stalked by fragile winged dragons as I went down instead of up and up instead of straight along‭ ‬-‭ ‬where a tennis ball knocked over a row of princess dolls in a game I had actually devised myself.‭ ‬The train crept back in bare feet on hot sand with the sun an octopus sorting the mail in a Venusian post office.


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