My Diary: The Relative State Of Existence

I watched June go out,‭ ‬my hands in the air like the god of all four winds stuck in the fifth dimension.‭ ‬After a breakfast sat before a cyclops Poppy and I retraced the steps of the parking meter pilgrims‭ (‬before all linear movements are replaced by curved ones‭) ‬and made a loop within a loop before returning home via superposed spirals.‭ ‬I worked within concrete clouds for a time,‭ ‬June contacting me with a gravel phone‭ ‬-‭ ‬we talked with words as fluid as wet cement.‭ ‬I then returned to my contradictory mythological science existence‭; ‬writing about the future with the symbolic remains of extinct organisms.‭ ‬I wondered again about time loops and spirals with an image in my head of dinosaurs mulling over the imprint of a computer found in a newly exposed rock face.


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