My Diary: Several Distinct People All Merged Into One

I had to go out again,‭ ‬travelling along the parting of the urban head June and I pretend to exist on‭ (‬everyone knows reality is just a dream it is impossible to wake from‭)‬:‭ ‬incidentally our house straddles a frown line.‭ ‬I came back before our host put his hat on and with the other shoppers still bickering among themselves like a family of pocket calculators arguing over their last sum.‭ ‬I slithered into my studio to watch a boa constrictor coil round a gravestone some time before the inscription could be finished.‭ ‬To compensate I wrote words on a remote hillside using the side of a dictionary instead of a pen.‭ ‬A small man,‭ ‬less than twelve inches tall,‭ ‬then translated the entire text into numbers‭; ‬half of which don’t actually exist yet‭ (‬although he assured me they would in time‭)‬.


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