My Diary: Watching Mannequins Shopping In A Clothes Shop

I woke June moments after I had dragged myself from the cobweb wreckage of our flying tree house‭; ‬she went downstairs to sit in a goldfish bowl holding a scale model of the Bismarck while I went out as HMS Hood.‭ ‬I visited the old maestro in the silence of his music room and talked in major chords.‭ ‬He left the house a few bars before me and I came home with part of the library of Alexandria hidden in a string vest.‭ ‬June had turned the front garden into a landing strip,‭ ‬although we both took off instead.‭ ‬Ignoring the oases we visited the desert but came home with as much in our pockets as we had when we left‭ ‬-‭ ‬although I had bought a drink using a handmade balsa wood glider and she had thrown the lining of her gloves on the table.


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