My Diary: Love In An Ornamental Bird Cage

June got up before I had finished building Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain of my imagination.‭ ‬I had to sign my name on a stone before throwing it in a glass house and then washed in a chemist’s phial.‭ ‬I met June as a coccyx in the vertebrae kitchen,‭ ‬watching two small ghosts on the point of becoming living beings again.‭ ‬We touched voices as we couldn’t touch hands.‭ ‬I then had a hurried breakfast of ball bearings hitting a cast iron floor‭ (‬I had a magnet for a spoon‭)‬.‭ ‬June wanted to go out even though the giant face outside was still spitting in the street and we walked out the gasping for breath door together.‭ ‬We parted some time later and I came home along the hair comb road to my bald head study where I crossed I’s and dotted T’s for the remainder of the afternoon.


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