My Diary: Flying Above Blood Red Clouds

As usual for a day that begins with a gargoyle balancing on the rim of a teacup I left the house early,‭ ‬an aerial pinned to my lapel and a television handkerchief in my pocket.‭ ‬I gave the man sat in an over ripe vegetable marrow my money and he spat out several numbers and a white dove of paper which I caught before I or it could fly away‭ ‬-‭ ‬I knew I wouldn’t go far but doves sometimes become peregrine falcons.‭ ‬After shopping in a blue whale carcass awaiting resurrection I boarded a long tongue and sprung back into a cavernous mouth.‭ ‬The chameleon was toasting a fire alarm and we sat down in a wind tunnel and made up words out of smoke.‭ ‬The lizard king left before I had climbed a tree but after a tree had climbed me.‭ ‬When it had reached the roof we knew everything was safe.


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