My Diary: As Usual I Descend While Everyone Else Ascends

June stood in the bedroom as the end point of feline evolution‭ (‬in my science days I never thought that evolution was that linear‭) ‬while I went downstairs hearing the constant drip of dirty clothes hitting the bedroom floor.‭ W‬e both coalesced as wet paint on the ceiling of a railway carriage with a little prince and princess below.‭ ‬We painted a multicoloured line beside a neutral grey river,‭ ‬overlapping like the neurons that make thoughts and sometimes stopping as silver and golden figures moved up and down the periodic table.‭ ‬We had a meal in the dorsal turret of a Lancaster bomber before coming home via the bomb bay,‭ ‬hitting the ground as the light faded and a small group of Edwardian craftsmen crawled out of various holes in the floor and walked to whatever had become of their homes.


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