My Diary: Discovering A Plasticine Soul And Making It Into A Butterfly

I woke up in a strange room in an even stranger house.‭ ‬June was downstairs talking to an open cupboard‭; ‬she shut the door quickly when I descended the stairs with an apricot fairy in my hands.‭ ‬When I gave it to her it had changed into a peach and family of sub-temporal snakes made a series of exclamation marks on the unreality of the wooden floor.‭ ‬I would have waited for‭ ‬a series of question marks to appear but the dog had already put on her reading glasses and was studying a map.‭ ‬I pulled a place off the paper and we suddenly found ourselves there‭ ‬-‭ ‬it was only when the clouds formed bookends for an extended line of unread books that I realised it was a long walk back.‭ ‬When we finally got in I found June sat on a shelf with the cupboard now talking to her.


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