My Diary: Stroking An Invisible Cat On An Inaudible Mat

June and I sat in bed as a pair of children’s bricks:‭ ‬when we got close together we formed a cowboy on a horse‭ ‬-‭ ‬the cowboy then walked the dog before unceremoniously falling off.‭ ‬We went to town so she could buy what she didn’t really want:‭ ‬half way as a noughts and crosses game and half way as hollowed out logs.‭ ‬I sailed back up stream‭; ‬leaving her to measure time in purchases.‭ ‬I collected her again when the clock dial was full‭; ‬by then I had designed a mathematical hat and a window box of music‭ ‬-‭ ‬the conductor has a watering can.‭ ‬Later as the clouds drifted south like a Spanish armada in reverse‭ (‬the dog and I went out to play bowls‭) ‬I dedicated what remained of the day to Eleanor Cobham‭; ‬in my imagination,‭ ‬still walking the cat walk of expedient prejudice.


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