My Diary: How To Be Imperfect In A Perfect World

I sat,‭ ‬squashed between a row of gardening books,‭ ‬on a shelf in my library.‭ ‬June got me down instead of a book and began to read‭; ‬before she had finished‭ (‬I hate endings‭) ‬I showered in the garden and then took the dog out,‭ ‬me on a pogo stick and her on a mobile trampoline.‭ ‬We came out from the underpass with sore heads and on my return to the copper kettle house I diligently squeezed myself into a tin can to work.‭ ‬June sat with Poppy on a row of sardines:‭ ‬they collectively dreamed of being architectural columns holding up the widest viaduct in Western Europe.‭ ‬I thought they should be lighthouses shining vertically up into space‭ ‬-‭ ‬as‭ ‬I thought this a raven landed in the very centre of the amphitheatre and made a sunken galleon out of an electric violin and a piece of brain coral.


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