My Diary: A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing!

I turned my ears into surface piercing hydrofoils as a mark of respect and then took the long eared man‭ ‬for his appointment with the gnawing machine‭; ‬I had to collect him again later after the machine had gnawed through the entire civilisation of the Indus Valley and was moving onto the Mesopotamian.‭ ‬In between I danced in the Bharatanatyam style,‭ ‬counted up to a hundred using numbers I had invented myself and sat crossed legged on a deep sea vent I had mischievously nicknamed Michael.‭ ‬For once June remained tied to the house‭; ‬fluorescent wires connecting her to a robotic avatar several thousand years in the future when mankind was endangered and Bengal tigers were in power.‭ ‬I shed my skin several times before becoming a four winged imago in my orbiting studio.


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