My Diary: Memories Like Balloons In A Gale

June and I went out for the day dressed as old fashioned arcade games,‭ ‬we both got off the train before a row of pictures on our fronts came up the same.‭ ‬I followed June down the serpentine tunnel where my sister was waiting with a building site of newspapers in her hand‭ ‬-‭ ‬I drew anatomical features on a row of traffic cones before entering the shopping mall with a Wells Fargo stagecoach rolling behind.‭ ‬We all climbed to low cloud height before lunch and then crashed down onto dimly lit plates‭; ‬the waiter disappearing into the distance like someone else’s memories held in one’s head by mistake.‭ ‬The two women dressed in lipstick while I dressed in the dust still airborne after the stampede had disappeared across the Great Plains.


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