My Diary: On Becoming A Man Who Walks Out Of Windows And Looks Out Of Doors

I got up early in the afterglow of a sleepless night,‭ ‬June was lulling herself awake and then returned to the Great Barrier Reef state of consciousness she swims in all night.‭ ‬I pulled a trident out of a puddle of water and a lightning bolt from an energy saving light bulb‭ (‬I have never found they last as long as they are supposed to‭!) ‬and slow ran or fast walked to the bus stop‭ ‬-‭ ‬the bus arrived like a nude in a clothes shop and I delicately looked up at the leaves on an overhanging branch as if they had suddenly changed into hazel coloured eyes.‭ ‬I rubbed the leaves in my own face and photographed the tuna sandwich sky as it rushed behind a Franciscan monk street lamp.‭ ‬I met the lighthouse man on the headland‭; ‬we talked like moving water as he shone out in ever increasing circles.


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