My Diary: Cries Hidden In Laughter And Laughter Hidden In Cries

It was an unremarkable start to the day:‭ ‬beginning with arms emerging from the living room floor,‭ causing‬ the dog much merriment as she tried to weave between them even though it made playing catch more complicated.‭ ‬June slightly phased by the state of the carpet pulled a palm tree out of the fireplace and promptly climbed up it,‭ ‬reaching the top as a Mitsubishi Zero had completed its strafing run‭; ‬people emerging from machine gun sown dragons teeth all the way down the hall‭ ‬-‭ ‬she complained about me spilling water from the cats bowl on the floor and promptly went out into the garden with an embracing Heathcliff and Cathy in her laundry basket.‭ ‬I later hung myself on the washing line to dry,‭ ‬coming in quite late with chocolate fingers and a knob of butter on my nose.


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