My Diary: The Story That Told Itself

I imagined myself as a roll of sticky tape with the end lost‭ (‬I knew I should have kept my nails long‭) ‬but still got up reasonably early‭; ‬the snakes that had replaced my hair sometime ago had plaited themselves into a corn dolly and the apple tree by the goldfish pond was busy with a pocket calculator.‭ ‬When I used to work on the market I did all the sums in my head but sadly never bore fruit‭; ‬I considered a truce should be called and watched the young children go to school as I rose at least six inches in the air after my ears had metamorphosed into phasmida wings.‭ ‬June went out for a short while,‭ ‬coming back before I was ready to go and get her.‭ ‬By then I had come in from the garden and was papering over the cracks in the day.


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