My Diary: Swapping Faces With A Clock

I woke like an arrow missing the target and hitting the tree behind.‭ ‬After making a multiple universe out of scrap paper,‭ ‬spray painted to look like fallen leaves,‭ ‬I walked a map of the world to town.‭ ‬June was already there examining a graph showing temperature variations in an anthropomorphic block of ice.‭ ‬We both pretended to be ice people and melted when we touched.‭ ‬I came home inside an electric kettle while she ambled behind cleverly encased in a top of the range cooker.‭ ‬Once home I changed places with the cat who then spent the rest of the day writing.‭ ‬That evening we both caught June and the dog talking to an Eleventh Century scholar about the diagonal beams of light entering a Twelfth Century church‭ ‬-‭ ‬apparently they neatly cut the congregation into two.‭


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