My Diary: Walking Along A Path That Doesn’t Actually Go Anywhere

I viewed my early morning world through the synthetic baleen of a Twenty Fifth Century church.‭ ‬During this time everyone worshipped porpoises and dressed their robots in the uniform of the Prussian Army in the time of Frederick the Great.‭ ‬I spent the rest of the morning in a giant eye,‭ ‬stopping to write down my thoughts every time it blinked and then passed the afternoon in an equally large ear‭ ‬-‭ ‬I drew pictures even though I couldn’t hear.‭ ‬June went to the very nucleus of the atomic town once the rain letter had been opened and its contents perused.‭ ‬I never bothered looking myself as we only ever seem to get bills.‭ ‬I amused myself,‭ ‬as the evening slowly wrapped itself up in bandages,‭ ‬with the thought of Howard Carter finding a working television in Tutankhamen’s tomb.


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