My Diary: Holding The Fort Which Is Simultaneously Holding Me

I had an appointment with a family of vampires and dressed in my best werewolf suit and howled at the lunar street lights as I passed underneath‭ (‬although by then they had been switched off‭!)‬.‭ ‬June had a later appointment but went in the same time as me and we both sat on what looked like outstretched hands‭; ‬the reflection in the opposite mirror reminding me of an ocean floor rock formation holding a sunken ship.‭ ‬Both ships subsequently sailed up the road together,‭ ‬I climbed into my racing car studio and she into her race track living room where she broke in a wild stallion chair in front of the tsunami television.‭ ‬I offered to decorate the room with rope sculptures attached to the ceiling and then rushed out to pull a full size replica of the Kon-Tiki up our front garden beach.


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