My Diary: The Strange Marriage Of A Wall To A Window

I retreated to the garden as bricks were being thrown into an accidental mock up of Hadrian’s Wall by a very high tide.‭ ‬June stayed indoors and ate a plastic cuttlefish for breakfast and then dusted the living room with an Eighteenth Century mob cap.‭ ‬I was outside much of the day,‭ ‬inspired by the impromptu performance of an above ground miner racing the front wheels of an early model of Rolls Royce against the back wheels of a Mini Cooper.‭ ‬I applauded at the end and then came inside where June was trying to thread a piece of thick rope through a very fine needle‭ ‬-‭ ‬I later found out it was actually a halyard from HMS Victory‭ (‬which I last visited as a young child‭) ‬and we are both now being stalked by a French sniper from the early part of the Nineteenth century.


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