My Diary: The Pain Hidden In Your Favourite View

I got up early as I had to go to town inside a small paper bag:‭ ‬the markings on the outside,‭ ‬when viewed from a distance looked like a Carmelite nun embracing the nose cone of a Saturn Five rocket just before take off on the ill fated Apollo Thirteen mission.‭ ‬June dressed as a school teacher playing truant and walked up a path of spat out chewing gum,‭ ‬a sunrise shining on one side of her spectacles and a sunset the other‭ (‬I had‭ ‬already walked the dog the entire length of a king size cigarette‭)‬.‭ ‬While in town I stopped in at the free book shop and read myself before putting me back on the shelf and coming home inside a bag of cat biscuits.‭ ‬I had time to camouflage the house with Scotch thistle leaves before June came home holding her own hand.


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