My Diary: Watching Brunhilde As She Watches Me

June surprised me by getting out of bed as a ring of fire with an immortal valkyrie inside‭ (‬I departed from the original story here as I know it to be false‭) ‬and I had to follow with a mast from Noah’s ark obscuring my vision.‭ ‬I was actually not able to start work until it set sail‭ ‬-‭ ‬I duly waited in my studio for the raven to return‭ (‬I know what doves get up to‭!)‬.‭ ‬As it turned out it was June who came in holding a recipe for iced cakes.‭ ‬As the intelligent part of the day faded I sung a song without opening my mouth and scattered seed for a flock of regrets who were preparing to roost‭ (‬I secretly wished I was preparing to migrate but instead signed my name on a walrus tusk and put a model of Stonehenge,‭ ‬as it was in the late neolithic,‭ ‬in a cake tin‭ (‬after,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬a liberal sprinkling of icing sugar‭)‬.


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