My Diary: Inventing Half A Character In Half A Story

I woke and found myself hanging from a thread like fruit on a tree‭ (‬if I was asleep I would have called the tree knowledge,‭ ‬as I was awake I called it the exoskeleton of an amoeboid protozoan‭); ‬June,‭ ‬who was busy turning random lengths of wood into a rudimentary supercomputer,‭ ‬cut the thread:‭ ‬all recollection was lost until I accidentally drew a circle like Giotto.‭ ‬I was just going to paint a fresco celebrating the life of St Francis of Assisi when the door was knocked from both sides at once and two little people tiptoe waltzed in.‭ ‬I continued their dance on the ceiling before falling out with the plastic chandelier and crashing to the sherry trifle of a floor as royalties to an anonymous author.‭ ‬The four of us went out onto the flight deck of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier and stood quite still.


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