My Diary: I Crush A Diamond And Form A Lump Of Coal

June got up to drink at a dried up river bed while I was still asleep in a tree.‭ ‬I was woken up by a woodpecker revving up his motorcycle and I then got the telephone number of a particularly attractive scarlet macaw‭ (‬she assured me she was single‭) ‬before coming down the stairs we have cleverly hidden inside a baobab trunk holding a piece of wood whittled into the shape of a branch.‭ ‬June dressed as a starfish and went out to meet a family of sea urchins.‭ ‬They went to town in a slowly moving puddle and I went into my studio with flippers instead of hands.‭ ‬When June came back I went out myself,‭ ‬this time with wings instead of arms‭; ‬crossing the river in a water pipe as the bridge was occupied by a tangled mass of metal‭ ‬-‭ ‬it had once called itself an angel.


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