My Diary: Tied To A Chair That Walked Off Into The Distance

June rose like the lid of a sarcophagus and sleep walked to town,‭ ‬reciting the nutritional analysis from the back of a packet of cream crackers as she did so.‭ ‬I,‭ ‬as dictated by my genes,‭ ‬carved a piece of mature Cheddar into the shape a little girl holding a dove‭ ‬-‭ ‬apparently she let it go when a star went super nova in the constellation of Orion.‭ ‬I then found myself caught in the slipstream of glass crystal horse as it gallop clinked by and was late climbing the gleaming teeth to my open mouth studio.‭ ‬I sat on the chair before it could tell jokes but‭ ‬progress was slow and a field of bright poppies shimmered in the pastel red distance.‭ ‬I imagined myself back into a childhood cornfield,‭ ‬talking to a family of polar bears about the problems of keeping cool on the edge of a dying sun.


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