My Diary: The Silence Found In Loud Noises

June went to token gesture work,‭ ‬a complex arrangement of girders and plexi-glass attached to her cast iron superstructure.‭ ‬I took the opportunity to burrow in the stratified detritus of my studio floor,‭ ‬periodically coming to the surface with an old idea which was made new in the sunlight.‭ ‬I was able to work all day,‭ ‬stopping occasionally to shuttle individual carriages for an underwater high speed train up the hill to the molten rock lady who was cooling down in the laundry‭ ‬-‭ ‬when she was cool enough to touch she came home,‭ ‬holding a lap dog she calls a handbag and whistling for left over sandwiches to follow behind.‭ ‬When she got in she found me astride an electricity pylon trying to fashion my beard into the shape of a dendritic neuron excited by the prospect of a simulated immortality.


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