My Diary: Talking To Blue And Pink Bees On An Intergalactic Zebra Crossing

I set my alarm at a different colour and got up at an unusual shade of morning‭ ‬-‭ ‬I didn’t like it so it is back to the rainbow tomorrow.‭ ‬I had early morning jobs to do so as June prepared for an interstellar flight to town I wore my own space suit‭ (‬pink and orange with a model railway on the back‭) ‬in the deep space garden.‭ ‬I came in when the air raid siren sounded and painted in the shelter as capital letters flew overhead,‭ ‬silhouetted against a handwritten sky.‭ ‬She spoke through a hair brush and then a fine tooth comb and I listened‭ (‬or pretended to‭) ‬without wires.‭ ‬I was still listening to the imagined sounds found in an enforced silence when she came back‭; ‬her bags full of moon rock and a fossilised impression left by a primate’s tail swishing in primeval Martian mud.


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