My Diary: The Entire Universe In An Insect’s Eye

In one of my seven heads I imagined myself in an empty room,‭ ‬laying on my back and looking at a patterned sky in which black fish swam for a fleeting moment.‭ ‬As June surrounded the Alamo I tried in vain to conjure them up again before leaving my chair‭ ‬-‭ ‬which immediately changed into a great white shark in a sea shaped like a tadpole.‭ ‬I mulled over the dangers of tadpoles before June and I went out‭; ‬me wearing the front door keys as earrings and her the back.‭ ‬We visited a shop where everything on sale was put out of reach.‭ ‬I asked for the most unreachable object there and later got it‭; ‬loading it onto a strawberry flavoured hovercraft and navigating a swamp in the North American deep south.‭ ‬June and I then came home wearing house doors for hats‭; ‬me the front door and her the back.


4 thoughts on “My Diary: The Entire Universe In An Insect’s Eye

  1. Just the laughter I needed after today’s seriousness, thanks!! At least my minds not alone in driftwood country

      • No worries, it is a complete delight to read. I am currently trying to balance the see-saw between out there and in here- with no one on the other end.

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