My Diary: Tearing A Hole In The Day And Looking Through

I sprayed myself out of an aerosol can,‭ ‬missing the chair but making an amorphous blob on the wall‭ ‬-‭ ‬I christened this‭ “‬Paris in the Carboniferous era‭” ‬and then amused myself with the image of an early amphibian burlesque.‭ ‬When the curtain fell I walked the dog,‭ ‬as usual along one of the many urban paths where natural and man made merge.‭ ‬I think of them as laughter lines on a landscape’s face although I can never remember the joke.‭ ‬I came back to untidy my papers in readiness for tidying them up again and then wove myself a cocoon of‭ (‬occasionally‭) ‬cogent thoughts‭; ‬working inside this until an unseen hand rolled up one ancient scroll and then unrolled another.‭ ‬I was pleased to find that June featured in the latter although,‭ ‬as always,‭ ‬I had to read the end of the story first.


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