My Diary: Imagine A Man And Woman Made Of Flowers

I woke in the centre of a bright orange rose.‭ ‬June had been up some time and was smelling a pink stain on the curtain covering the garden window when I fluttered to the ground like a rubber band powered toy from an inexpensive set of Christmas crackers‭ (‬I usually get a small plastic comb and a differently coloured paper hat to everyone else‭)‬.‭ ‬While feeding a line of open mouths that had replaced the tuning pegs of my classical guitar I imagined a face hidden behind a cloud and thought for the briefest moment that if the world had been created rather than evolved there would be clues left for us to find.‭ ‬June banged the door and then said goodbye while I grew to over thirty feet tall and planted my balconies with a variety of attractive summer flowering annuals.


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