My Diary: The Rear Admiral Comes To The Front Of The House

June was still in bed pretending to be an aircraft carrier during the Pacific campaign when I got up using the dog as clothes.‭ ‬I had already disguised my own carrier frame as a tropical island,‭ ‬hiding my funnels as palm trees.‭ ‬As the first saint of a new religion‭ (‬it is practised in at least five distinct dimensions simultaneously‭) ‬I threw a line to the drowning people in the still dry garden and then with a specially sharpened pencil amended the line into the silhouette of a little girl feeding birds in the park‭ ‬-‭ ‬unfortunately June and I frightened the birds as we left the house.‭ ‬We ate a meal in a printing press and then held ink stained hands as a pair of clothes rails danced to the music of the Glen Miller Big Band free falling through the Earth’s upper atmosphere.


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