My Diary: Coming Across A Wall Of Open Mouths

For once I got up before June,‭ ‬chose a voice from the voice cabinet and a hat with open eyes in it and walked quickly‭ (‬or ran slowly‭) ‬for the bus.‭ ‬I changed buses among feeding rooks and took the brightly coloured slime mould route to my childhood village.‭ ‬I heard the band leader issuing instructions from the pendulum pit and we both pulled coloured handkerchiefs from our mouths for breakfast.‭ ‬I then climbed a rainbow tree and collected up glasses for him to carefully wrap in the collected profiles of passers by.‭ ‬We stopped when I pulled out a full frontal face and couldn’t find a space on the Middle Kingdom wall for it.‭ ‬I came home in a capsule pulled by stone flies landing by the garden pond where a water lily had propelled a spear into the side of a crucified figure.


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