My Diary: Building A Winter House In A Summer Garden

I rearranged the toy soldiers on the battleground bed,‭ ‬creating a formation I have christened the‭ “‬phoenix sinking‭”‬.‭ ‬June had got up an hour before and was marching around the living room with vacuum flask guns firing hot water friezes.‭ ‬She was picked up by a two winged figure and they pitched a tent on a hill overlooking the town to watch a procession of people falling down it through the ages‭; ‬the farther back they looked the less likely it was that the person would get up again.‭ ‬I had stood in the garden in the morning looking like a pole waiting for its totems‭ ‬-‭ ‬several did arrive but refused to emerge from the undergrowth.‭ ‬As the heat began to win prizes in an imaginary garden fete I left the bran sack field and went indoors,‭ ‬the cracks in the paving admiring the creases in my jeans.


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