My Diary: Finding A Mountain Which Is All Sound Under A Silent Sky

June and I got out of the lifeboat which had been cast off in the middle of the ocean very early and I crossfire watered the vegetation before we went out to a fairy tale castle to eat‭; ‬both having the ruins of Pompeii on a plate before the restaurant turned into a vegetable marrow and I came home with only half the shopping‭ (‬the other half having turned into mice with long spindly legs which reminded me of artificial eyelashes escaping from a Thirties film star’s face‭)‬.‭ ‬June had turned her own High Street face to the sun like a radio telescope seeking a tan while I walked the interstellar pathway homewards with the quantum mechanical vacuum for a head:‭ ‬passing a wolf playing the bagpipes to a flock of sheep and a choir of children fidgeting their way through a grown up song.


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