My Diary: Feeling The Heat Like A Black And Blue Whale

June went to work in the company of Kubla Khan‭ (‬or possibly a person from Porlock‭) ‬while I walked Poppy early to avoid the tube train heat‭; ‬typically we got off at the wrong station.‭ ‬Like a stone age artist I worked naked,‭ ‬painting pictures of caves on the sides of running animals.‭ ‬After lunch I became the sorcerer in the remotest cavern and would have cast my first spell if the candle hadn’t gone out.‭ ‬I painted like a petrol lawnmower until June returned home to find me with pencils instead of fingers and a sheet of paper on my brow‭; ‬I called the resulting works sweat paintings although the lady down the road wanted to replace sweat with perspiration‭ ‬-‭ ‬she stopped when I threatened to replace paintings with an assemblage of steel girders in the shape of a surfacing nuclear submarine.


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