My Diary: An Orchestra Played Across A Sprinkle Of Water Drops

June and I crossed shadows like duelists at a false dawn before she trudged to work and I fed soft words to the animals.‭ ‬I watered the space gypsy campsite which was randomly set up in the middle of our paper handkerchief lawn‭ (‬surrounded by paper doily borders and second hand clothes rail trees‭) ‬and then threw the silver gauntlet into the shrubbery.‭ ‬I worked in the far away closeness of my studio,‭ ‬occasionally watching sunshine sprites dance on an inspiration splattered carpet.‭ ‬Outside a large stone head had slipped to a very strange angle,‭ ‬its partly closed eye now making a fish frantically emerging from the placid lake when seen over the plastic chair I had earlier been sitting on.‭ ‬June came in immediately after this looking like a bouquet of dead flowers belatedly found on a doorstep.


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