My Diary: The Childhood Room Behind The Mirror

June is still staying at the Black Lagoon waiting for the creature to arrive with his collection of bingo numbers to make a full house.‭ ‬I was picked up from an empty house by a big bird and flew to the grey beard kingdom carrying polystyrene rocks‭ (‬we had tried real ones but couldn’t get airborne‭); ‬dive bombers were still returning from another sortie in the Battle of Midway as we landed and unloaded the car.‭ ‬A friend climbed a ladder as I scrambled through the undergrowth piecing together parts of a primeval plant‭ ‬-‭ ‬it eventually stretched across at least two childhoods and it would have made a third if I hadn’t accidentally tied myself up in a grandad knot.‭ ‬We then came home as washing machine clothes before I hung myself on the line and he drove off in a tumble dryer.


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