My Diary: My Arms Stretched From One Windowsill To Another Across The Road

I woke alone but met June in town sometime later to pull up the anchor chains of a gigantic ocean liner before it set sail as the sound of wild geese taking off in the Norfolk Broads.‭ ‬We ate a meal in a dust bowl,‭ ‬June having tumbleweed for hair and me the sun bleached skull of an ox,‭ ‬before returning to the French legionnaire’s house to scribble on empty sheets of paper and scatter them on the hot breeze.‭ ‬As the heat intensified we tore our way up the grey paper road and signed in at the alien home‭ ‬-‭ ‬I signed out again after briefly plumbing in both legs and treading water across the Serengeti garden.‭ ‬I came home to find the dog writing these lines although I had to say they were written by me‭; ‬after she had finished a freight train rushed through the living room station.


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