My Diary: When A Frog Kisses A Frog And Neither Turns Into A Prince

I had to draw several sets of curtains before I was able to see out‭ ‬-‭ ‬I then peeled back several layers of sky.‭ ‬I heard June talking quite loud as two shadows moved closer together‭ ‬-‭ ‬they were joined by a third and the hot objects on the horizon went silent.‭ ‬June flowed up hill while I wrapped myself in odd pieces of wallpaper and had whispers for breakfast.‭ ‬June is sitting on someone else’s roof all week:‭ ‬mobbed by crows and surrounded by cats.‭ ‬As the sunshine spread like butter I walked on water:‭ ‬sweeping up bubbles and dusting waterlilies.‭ ‬I came in at midday wearing only a net and hid in the broom cupboard with the vacuum cleaner until I floated up hill to see June,‭ ‬my feet set in clouds.‭ ‬While she hid a Royal Mail postbox in a sleeping bag I rained on a comparatively strange garden.


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