My Diary: The Entire Universe In A Tea Cup

Poppy and I went for an early walk before the Victorian sewer system we were ambling along changed‭ (‬for reasons that cannot be satisfactorily explained‭) ‬into the intestines of a Paraceratherium‭ ‬-‭ ‬neither of us wanted to be associated with anything extinct‭; ‬although there is a school of thought that suggests life is just data and data can never be lost.‭ ‬After dipping my brush in a mug of hot tea I started to paint with the whole of my childhood spread evenly between the three back pockets of my work jeans.‭ ‬As the clouds slowly faded from semicolons to full stops I thought of creating buildings from sound and then of searching in vain for the silence of an empty room.‭ ‬A little later June came in very tired and I dutifully changed the bulbs in her bedside lamp earrings.


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